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Q: I have a 1956 Cadillac Coupe Deville and want to keep the same engine appearance; can the tank be mounted remotely?

A: Yes the kit will work on your Caddy; the hose is long enough to place the tank and valve out of site so everything looks stock.

Q: I am rebuilding a 350 Chevy and will install the kit; can the tank be filled with oil ready to prelube the very first startup?

A: Yes the Accumulator can be filled with oil and pressurized with air ready to pre lube the engine for the first startup. 

Q: Its a well-known fact that most of the Motor Bearing Wear occurs at Startup, so why aren't  they designed to be pre-lubed by the manufactures?

A: It's called planned obsolescence, their goal is to sell as many motors as possible, not to make them last as long as possible. 

Will the kit pre-lube my emergency generator motor before startup?

A: Yes emergency generators, car engines, truck engines, suv engines, van engines, motorhome engines, boat motors, tractor engines,will benefit with the Insta-Lube kit installed.

Q: I am using a  Miracle Oil Additive that is supposed to eliminate main bearing and rod bearing wear on start up so why would I need to install the Insta-Lube Kit? 
 A: Some oil additive manufactures claim they can reduce bearing wear but that won't separate main bearings, rod bearings, cam shaft bearings, like the Insta-Lube kit will. 

Insta-Lube Kit
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